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Yore Folk Dance Ensemble Mission

Yore was founded by several folkdance instructors to teach the basics of Turkish ethnic dances from different regions of Turkey. The objective of the group is organizing major shows, showcasing dances from various regions of Turkey, researching hidden cultural dances of Anatolia, and participating in local and international festivals. One of the main goals of the ensemble is to train enough dancers, who could then become Turkish folk dance instructors in the long run.
Yore is a 501 (C)(3) nonprofit organization since November 2005. Yore Folk Dance Ensemble has become a rapidly expanding Turkish ethnic dance group in California with its emphasis on teaching dance enthusiast by relying on the motivation and leadership of highly qualified and experienced folk dance performers as instructors and peers.
Having formed a strong base of dancers and an audience of all ethnic backgrounds, Yore has evolved into an institution that is ready to support all kinds of ethnic cultural activities from Turkey. As a part of our celebrated diversity in the Bay Area, communities are desperately seeking for sources to learn more about the rich Turkish culture.
Currently, Yore continues its weekly practices in Stanford and Berkeley.

We would like to conclude by expressing our warmest thanks to you for your support and donations to Yore and the Northern California community it serves.