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Mehpare Pam Askin (President) 
She is currently coordinator, dancer, instructor, and works on stage improvisation based on authentic steps for Yore Folk Dance Ensemble. She started her dance career with ballet at an early age and continues Turkish folk dance and folk song chorus throughout the school years. She had a short vocal education from Ruhi Su and joined Dostlar chorus. She completed two years certification course in Turkish Folk Dance Ensemble given by Department of National Education (Milli Egitim Bakanligi Türk Folklor Kurumu). She represented her country in many national and international Folk festivals and auditions. She always wanted to organize a Turkish folk dance production which will be recognized by a wider audience. She graduated with a BS degree from State Academy of Fine Arts as an Architectural Interior Designer. Currently she is focusing on Turkish Folk Dance, and honored to be part of Yöre.

Ozan Anac (Executive Director) Back to top
Ozan was born in Burdur, Turkey. As all of the sons of Aegan region of Turkey, started folk dancing in traditional wedding ceremonies at early ages. Later on in high school, learned dances of several regions of Turkey. In college years, he joined ODTU –THBT ( METU – Turkish Folklore Society) and took part in folk dancing performances. Morever, he was one of the dancers of AFTUD, well known Turkish Folk Dance Company. He was also a part of ODTU Esli Danslar Toplulugu (METU Couple Dances Club) and performed in annual exhibitions and competed in various national dancesport competitions. Ozan, came U.S in 2006 for a M.S. degree in UC Irvine. After having his degree he moved to San Jose and currently working in Invensense Inc. as a MEMS engineer. He joined Yore in 2009, and is so excited to be a part of it.

Beray Balpazari (Dance Instructor) Back to top
Beray Balpazari is a native of Izmir, Turkey. He started his dance career in 1987, and by the age of nine his folk dance group won 3rd place in the nation in 1989 with the region of Kafkas. Beray has danced with numerous folk dance companies and performed on many stages around Turkey. During his time with Karsiyaka Hurriyet Folk Dance Association, he attended over 10 international festivals such as the Fete de la Vigne de Dijon in France and Le Mondial des Cultures de Drummondville in Canada, two of the biggest folklore festivals in the world, where his group was awarded 1st place at both competitions. Beray completed training with the Turkish Folk Dance Department of Education in Istanbul in 2000, specializing in the regions Zeybek and Kafkas. Beray has been a dance instructor since the age of 18 and has trained groups in many regions such as Kafkas, Zeybek, Artvin,Orta Batum,Anamur, Trabzon, Gaziantep, Adiyaman, Uskup and more.Before moving to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2012 Beray was a member of Cagdas Tourism and Tuanna Folk Dance Associations, two of the most well-known dance troops in Istanbul, where he instructed Trabzon and Akcaabat. In addition, Beray has expertise in North Causcasian regional dances such as Georgian, Chechnyan and Azeri.

2010 - 2015 Dancers (In Alphabetical Order)

  • Munevver Aksoy
  • Banu Altindag
  • Deniz Askin
  • Hakan Baba
  • Mete Bayyigit
  • Zulal Cagin
  • Arif Cam
  • Nilden Celebi
  • Emre Colak
  • Tolga Cukur
  • Gunes Dervisoglu
  • Miray Simsek Dervisoglu
  • Dilber Duran
  • Gul Yeter Durukan
  • Ilker Durukan
  • Pinar Erciyas Bailey
  • Yasemin Ersoy
  • Meltem Gikas
  • Alinur Goksel
  • Ilgin Guler
  • Defne Gun
  • Sarah Hook
  • Onur Istek
  • Gizem Elenur Isik
  • Gurer Kiratli
  • Esra Kose
  • Charlotte Manyasli
  • Baran Nohutcuoglu
  • Emine Ulku Saritas
  • Yunus Sasmaz
  • Shelby Sturgis
  • Ozlem Sultan
  • Arkin Terli
  • Denise Tukenmez
  • Demet Ulusen
  • Ebru Usta
  • Aytac Yilmaz
  • Berrin Yilmaz
  • Gozde Yucel

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