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Your support helps us build for future performances. Please make a donation today, using the "Donate" button on the left.

Yore is a 501 (C)(3) nonprofit organization since November 2005

You can also donate by writing checks payable to:

And mail to:  P.O. Box 954, Pleasanton CA 94566

All donations are acknowledged with EIN# and Federal Nonprofit documentation for your tax-deductible contribution. Please contact us at for your necessary documents.
Why we need your support:
Performance: Your donation will be used to organize performances and workshops. We will invite experts to teach the dances of ethnic minorities in Turkey to the local dancers in the Bay Area.

Training Programs:
Ever increasing number of students and expectations of the Bay Arians are requiring us to raise more resources to sustain the quality of our training programs and participate in respected festivals. 

Dance Studios:
Yore has been using the available dance rooms at Stanford University for its weekly practices since it cannot afford better-equipped dance studios

Authentic Costumes:
Modest incomes from various performances have been the primary financial source for Yore to cover its expenses such as buying authentic costumes and working with professional musicians. This is a major obstacle for us to fulfill our objectives since the number of available costumes limits the number of dancers who will perform.
Yore’s other expenses:
Storage, travel, and costumes’ maintenance are also among the major expenses for us.

We are seeking support and donations to achieve our goals. Despite our fundraising efforts and attendance in numerous festivals, our assets are far from being enough to fulfill our objectives and achieve our mission.

With your support, Yore will be able to represent the Turkish culture, including that of often overlooked ethnic minorities, better in the Bay Area by participating in more festivals, training more dancers, obtaining better costumes, and providing better training facilities.